Envisioned Spaces provides cost effective virtual 3D property tours in the greater Phoenix area and virtual home staging nationwide. Our elegant designs are perfect for real estate, commercial, or mixed use, and allow you to effectively market your property.

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Envisioned Spaces provides cost effective virtual tours in 3D.  We offer more than traditional photography services - our technology produces self guided tours of spaces, including dollhouse views and interactive floor plans.  We also offer schematic floor plans at an attractive price.  This is NOT your traditional virtual tour.  Our 3D showcases are completely different.  Not only are they intuitive and immersive but they are actually virtual.         

You can actually walk through the space. 

Ideal for:

  • Realtors

  • Residential and Commercial Real Estate

  • Medical Offices

  • Brokers

  • Entertainment Industry

  • Day Care Facility

  • Assisted Living Facility /Memory Care Unit

  • New Build Model Homes

  • Cultural Spaces

  • Travel

  • Vacation Rentals

  • Insurance Adjusting

3 Easy ways to navigate your space

Dollhouse View

Use Dollhouse view to see a whole property at once.  The dollhouse is a 3D version that allows viewers to see the flow of the house from all angles thus allowing for a comprehensive approach of how the house fits together. 

Top Down Floor View

Top down Floor View breaks up each floor independently.  It gives the viewer the opportunity to get measurements of the room to determine if furniture will fit in the space. 

3D Walk Through

This 360 tour allows the viewer to walk through the space as if they were actually there.  It is compared to Google Street View but for interior spaces.  You can easily navigate from the front door, up and down stairs, through common areas all while obtaining details that might be missed in traditional pictures such as crown molding, baseboards and detailed craftmandship.



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